5 Poets to Read from Book

We didn’t get much notice, but poetry aficionados who like to listen to poets read their works will be doing just that tomorrow, Jan. 28., in Milwaukee.

Following is a news release that landed in my inbox this afternoon announcing the event and the book the five poets have published. Congratulations to each of the authors and best wishes at tomorrow’s reading.

Five Authors Collaborate on “Portals and Piers” a Collection of Original Poetry

  [Milwaukee, WI January 27, 2012] – For close to 15 years, the five writers whose poems appear in “Portals and Piers” have spent Sunday mornings reading and discussing each other’s work. 

The result of these regular gatherings brings readers everywhere this collection of more than thirty of the strongest poems produced by the core members of this unusual and diverse group.   

The portal might be the door to a palace. Or the entrance to a mine shaft. It might invite you in. Or warn you away from danger – or diamonds.  The pier is where journeys by water begin and end. It offers posts to which you can tie your boat. Suspended over the surface of the lake… A portal may open.”

Published by Sunday Morning Press, the book features original poetry by Milwaukee based group members Stephen Anderson, Chris Austin, Paul Enea, Elliot O. Lipchik and Steve Pump.  All previously published, and many award-winning, this particular assemblage of men remained dedicated and constant in their desire to improve their skills and take on the task of self-publishing a book.

 Many of the poems included in this collected works first appeared in publications including Southwest Review, Free Verse, Verse Wisconsin, Tipton Poetry Review, Harvests of Millenium, Porcupine, Phoenix, The Salmon, and Express Milwaukee.

 Meet the authors at the official book release on March 9, 2012 at Woodland Pattern Book Center, 720 E. Locust Avenue in Milwaukee. The entire group will also be appearing at Woodland Pattern’s poetry marathon on January 28, 2012 at 6pm. 

For more information on “Portals and Piers,” and a closer look at the authors, please visit www.sundaymorningpress.blogspot.com.  For more information on the book release and authors’ readings, please visit www.woodlandpattern.org.


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One response to “5 Poets to Read from Book

  1. Elliot O. Lipchik

    The Marathon on Jan. 28 involves a 5 minute read by dozens of poets as a fund raiser for Woodland Pattern.
    “Portals and Piers” book release and presentation by just the 5 poet authors is on March 9 at Woodland Pattern. Copies of the book may be
    purchased there.

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