“Kidnapping Henry Kissinger” Gets 5-Star Reviews

Peddler Creek School of Literary & Performing Arts co-founded and Council for Wisconsin Writers board member Coleman is swinging from a star — or stars — today, thanks to two rave reviews of his new book, “Kidnapping Henry Kissinger,” that have been posted on Amazon.com.

Here’s what Coleman says:

Two five-star reviews of my novel – Kidnapping Henry Kissinger – were posted today on Amazon

 One is from bookreview.com – which rated the book “excellent”.

 The second is from reviewer M.J. Meyerding, whose review is attached below. 

 Review on Amazon by M. J. Meyerding:“Joe Ball is a nice guy, the kind of person you’d be happy to have as your neighbor. When we first meet him, he is being paroled after several decades in federal prison, and we watch him struggle to adapt to the “free world”: jumping from 1970 to 2006 with only prison in between is not easy.For a while, I thought the big shock of the story would be the revelation of how such a decent man ended up with such a heavy prison sentence. But I was wrong. Even more shocking than what stole most of Joe’s life away is what’s hidden within the new, post-9/11 reality that closes in around him after he’s released. The story takes us back and forth between the young, idealistic college student… More > of 1969-70 and the stubbornly principled man of 2006-07, and we are drawn into both ages of Joe’s life, each with its distinctive lovers, friends, work, and atmosphere. And when the most secret, shocking machinations of his “before” come to mesh with the reincarnation of those same forces in his “after,” we realize that his world is our world, too.

This is an engaging, humane, and politically-astute thriller. It sure kept me reading!”



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