Wisconsinite Writes about a Liberal Dad with Family Values

Here’s a news release announcing a new book by award-winning Wisconsin writer Russell King:

Confessions of an American Dad

A Liberal Wisconsin dad proves that Conservatives do not have a monopoly on “family values.”

By Russell King

Veracity Press / Veracity Media

Contact: Steve Moore, Publisher / admin@veracitypress.net

“Russell King is the Benjamin Spock of our time … Finally a book on fatherhood that is not about building kites and going to ball games. This one is about the interactive relationship between dads and their kids. Russell illustrates with every day kid raising experiences how distinctly fathers can germinate positive ideas and behaviors in their children’s lives that no one else can.”

~ Amazon Customer Review

“Family Values” is something we hear about all the time by politicians and pundits, preachers and proselytes, who paint a picture of crumbling families and a deteriorating social order. The rhetoric is of fear and exclusion, and is completely divorced from any notion of what the American family is actually like. Finally, Russell King brings sanity, respect, and honest insight into the debate. At last, a poignant look at one father’s efforts to make “family values” synonymous with inclusion, growth, community, and love.

Russell King’s been making his way through life by hooking nouns to verbs since before he knew what nouns and verbs were. Russ’s 2010 blog post “Open Letter to Conservatives” went viral, becoming the single most read post in the history of the Talking Points Memo network and was featured on MSNBC. His writings have appeared nationally and internationally, in newspapers, magazines, books and journals.

Russell is a winner of the national “Rosebud” award for poetry and recipient of multiple awards for poetry and essay writing. He holds his creation of the Wisconsin state Poet Laureate post as one of his proudest achievements. Russell is available for print and broadcast interviews, and is perfect as an informative panelist to any discussion on the Liberal/Progressive perspective.

More information about “Confessions of an American Dad” is at Veracity Stew’s Bookstore, their Facebook page or at VeracityStew.com.


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