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Applications/Nominations for Wisconsin Poet Laureate

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission Announces Open Application/Nomination  Call for 20132014 Wisconsin Poet Laureate

MADISON, WI—The Poet Laureate Commission of Wisconsin announces the opening of the application/nomination process for selection of the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2013–2014. Submissions are welcome from individual poets who are seeking the position. Application packages may also be submitted by a person who is nominating a poet for the position of Poet Laureate.

The deadline for application is 4:00 pm on Friday, October 5, 2012. Application materials are available by clicking this link or

The Poet Laureate enriches the lives of Wisconsin citizens by sharing and encouraging poetry through statewide literary events or educational programs. Charged with contributing to the recognition, enjoyment and growth of poetry in this state, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate serves as a standard-bearer for Wisconsin’s poets and their work.

Poet Laureates demonstrate an admirable and proven level of skill in writing poetry, a history of having published individual poems and/or books, and excellence in promoting awareness or enjoyment of poetry in Wisconsin. A Poet Laureate must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Wisconsin for at least one year.

Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate serves a two-year term. Bruce Dethlefsen, a retired educator from Westfield, is Wisconsin’s fourth Poet Laureate and will complete his tenure at the end of 2012. Other Wisconsin Poet Laureates include Ellen Kort, Denise Sweet, and Marilyn Taylor.About the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission
In May of 2011 the Wisconsin Academy announced their stewardship of the Wisconsin Poet Laureate program to ensure the survival of the Commission and the Wisconsin Poet Laureate program after Governor Scott Walker eliminated state support for the program. Created by Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson on July 31, 2000, and continued by Governor Jim Doyle through 2010, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission conducts the selection process, assigns responsibilites and provides support to the Poet Laureate.  Charged with contributing to the growth of poetry in this state, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate arranges and/or attends at least eight statewide literary events each year as requested by the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission or the Wisconsin Academy. For more information about the Wisconsin Poet Laureate and Commission, visit < href=”“>

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Be sure to visit CWW’s website at http://www.wiswriters.ore for more information about and for Wisconsin writers.

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Invitation for Wisc. Writers to Display at the National Book Festival

Here’s an invitation from Wisconsin Center for the Book Board President Kate Thompson for Wisconsin writers to display their work at the Sept. 22-23, 2012, National Book Festival. (Note the Sept. 1 and Sept. 14 deadlines.)
Dear Wisconsin authors, publishers, and other literary friends,
It’s that time of year again: The Wisconsin Center for the Book invites you to join us in representing our state’s authors, illustrators, publishers, and literary orgs at this year’s National Book Festival!
The twelfth annual National Book Festival, organized and sponsored by the Library of Congress, will take place September 22–23 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Free and open to the public, the Festival will feature more than 100 award-winning authors, poets, and illustrators in pavilions dedicated to book subjects ranging from history and biography to mysteries, thrillers, poetry and prose, and books for families and young people. The thousands of festival-goers meet and hear firsthand from their favorite authors, get books signed, and participate in a variety of learning activities.
At the Festival’s Pavilion of the States, people from every state provide information and answer questions about their states’ writers, libraries, book festivals, book awards, and reading promotion activities. The Wisconsin Center for the Book will be there to feature Wisconsin publishers and literary organizations. As always, we’ll have room on the table for a limited number of small giveaways—books, bookmarks, flyers, pencils, posters, etc. (Small trinkets that kids and families like to pick up work best; all items will be given away by the end of the day.)  Along with small giveaway items, if you would like us to display a featured book/magazine/journal we can mark them “for display only” until the end of the day (believe it or not, we’ve been pretty successful in not allowing such things to “wander off” over the course of the day).
Please note: You will be shipping your materials directly to a holding area in Washington DC, at your organization’s expense. All packages must arrive in Washington NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 14, 2012.
If you would like to provide a giveaway item (no more than 250, please!), please let me know by September 1, 2012, by return email or by phone at 608-264-6463. I will provide you with complete shipping instructions.
Please help the Wisconsin Center for the Book promote our state’s excellent books, writers, and literary heritage to the rest of the nation. And seize this opportunity to highlight your books or programs for a captive, captivated audience of more than 130,000 book lovers!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kate Thompson
board president, Wisconsin Center for the Book
And don’t forget to visit the CWW website at for more news of interest to Wisconsin writers.


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Online Poetry Site

Although this isn’t a Wisconsin venue, Wisconsin writers might find it interesting:

Open Mic Voices
Write poems. Read poems. Make new friends.
<< 2>>

For Immediate Release
For more information contact:


Share Your Favorite Poetry Sites
Mega Site For Sharing Poems Adds New Poetry Site Directory

Windham, CT August 19, 2012 – Open Mic Voices, the internet’s foremost social network for poetry, announced the addition of a new
poetry site directory page.

“Adding a poetry site directory is a major addition,” announces Henry Hunter, Co-founder of “Open Mic Voices
is about uniting good people, worldwide, who speak, or enjoy, one language: Poetry. A poetry site directory is right in line with our
objectives. We want to offer people worldwide an opportunity to be heard, through the commonality of poetry, including, sharing
information and resources, like one’s favorite poetry site, or sites where one can find poems.”

Open Mic Voices is an all inclusive social network for sharing your poems and poetry. Members range from Ivy League grads and
professors to high school dropouts, from published poets to novice poets, and every style and type of poetry in between. Members
can write poems, read poems, and record poems, in audio and video, right on Open Mic Voices’ site. Members may create groups,
events, and join discussions, or debates, about poems and poetry in the forum. A great tool on Open Mic Voices is the free live video
chat, which allows members to have a more meaningful and personal interaction with family, friends, or poetry groups.

Those interested in sharing their poems, or sharing their favorite poetry site links, can quickly and easily do so, by going to, signup to be a member, then, go to the Poetry Sites tab, on the top menu, and enter your poetry site
information. That’s it. A good tip, is to upload a screenshot, or photo, to represent the poetry site you submit. Open Mic Voices has a
Google Page Rank of 4 – So, adding your poetry site link to Open Mic Voices will benefit your poetry site’s value to search engines, like
Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Ranking well with search engines enhances your poetry site’s chances of increasing the number of
visitors to your poetry site.

“Open Mic Voices is only 5 months old. We feel good about our early accomplishments,” Henry proclaims. ”Our goal is to be a site where
people who enjoy poetry can come and share poems, share information about venues and other sites for poetry, and share feedback.
Published and non-published poets are digging in those old notebooks and posting poems and creating new Poetry. Fans of Poetry are
connecting and giving their feedback. Members are sharing their favorite poetry links and venues, worldwide. Open Mic Voices is a new good.
It’s an exciting time for poetry.”

About Open Mic Voice
Launched in February 2012 by brothers, Henry and James Hunter, Open Mic Voices connects poets, fans of Poetry, and venues for Poetry,
world-wide. Members represent over 40 geographical country locations. 


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WBF: How Wisconsin Writers Can Support Each Other

CWW is on the Wisconsin Book Festival agenda. Here are the details:


A Panel Discussion Featuring Winners of the 2011 Council for Wisconsin Writers Awards

Thu, Nov. 8  |  5:30PM – 7:00PM
Any writer can tell you that it’s not an easy life. The bad economy and the upheaval in the publishing industry make our time especially difficult. As writers, we’re trying to do it all–marketing, publicity, distribution, and accounting in addition to our creative work. We need all the help we can get, and who understands our needs better than other writers?
In this gathering of distinguished Wisconsin writers, (Paula W. DailKathleen ErnstAdam FellJanet HalfmannWendy Vardaman) we’ll discuss practical ways that we can help each other. We’ll share stories of support from our peers and talk about the ways we give back to the literary community. Along with the panel discussion, our program includes readings by winners of our annual contest, the Wisconsin Writers Awards.
The Council for Wisconsin Writers is a unique group of writers, poets, and educators dedicated to the recognition of outstanding work by state writers and to promoting public awareness of Wisconsin’s great literary heritage.
You can submit questions for the panel discussion in advance. Please send your questions to
Please visit the CWW website at

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August Wisconsin Writers’ News

Here are several bits of news from Wisconsin writers:

Becky Wojahn reports that hermiddle-grade novel, Malcolm at Midnight, comes out next month and has received a couple nice reviews. Publishers Weekly called the book a “first-rate debut,” and Kirkus says it’s “a rip-roaring tale; even rodent haters will have to like Malcolm.”

Janet Halfmann says that when Sylvan Dell Publishing asked its readers to choose a “classic” from its 70 titles, they chose her Little Skink’s Tail! For winning, her book will be featured as a free e-book for a future month on the publisher’s website. Janet also was chosen to be a featured author on the Girl Scouts Studio:

Emily Kokie reports that her first YA novel, Personal Effects, comes out on Sept. 11. Pictures are on her author Facbook page at!/EMKokie. Here’s what Kirkus said of Personal Effects in its review:

“Kokie grounds readers so thoroughly in Matt’s misery that they will be as itchy to escape the brutal emptiness of life with his father as he is. Realistically, though the inevitable revelation and resolution bring peace to Matt, they do not heal his father; readers will just have to hope he can make it through. A fine addition to the literature of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Kokie is celebrating with a book launch party at A Room of One’s Own Bookstore, 315 W. Gorham in Madison, on Sunday, Sept. 16, at 2 p.m.

Kate Heling and Debbie Hembrook have the following two items of news:

1)    Our latest book, Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do, is now out, and activity guides are posted on our website.  We’ll be doing an author visit at Martha Merrell bookstore in Waukesha on August 10th, beginning at 6:00, during downtown Waukesha’s Friday Night Alive weekly festivities.

2)  We just received the following message from our Random House editor: “I wanted to share the good news that Mouse Makes Words and Mouse’s Hide & Seek were part of a 28-book deal for Simplified Chinese/English bilingual translation by China Translation and Publishing. Hurray! It’s nice to know that these books are chugging along, helping kids of many nations learn to read!! The term is for 6 years and will certainly keep the books in print. Congratulations.” (These were our first published books, beginning way back in 2001.)

Their website is at

Viking has made an offer for the ninth book in Dori Chaconas‘s “Cork and Fuzz” series, which will be published in 2014. “It still amazes me that a single EZ reader title has stretched into a series of nine!” Dori said.

The Wisconsin Academy of Arts & Sciences says it is pleased o t host the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission and work with Wisconsin poets laureate both past and present in keeping Wisconsin poetry alive and well. Check out Poet Laureate Bruce Dethlefsen‘s August appearances in Wisconsin by visiting their poet laureate’s page here on their website or make a donation to help ensure the continuation of the Poet Laureate program. The open call for 2013–2014 Wisconsin Poet Laureate applications begins late this month.

While you’re online, drop by the Council for Wisconsin Writers website at

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