Seeking Nature Writing Links

UW-Fox Valley’s Jeff Filpiak says he’s launched a web page to serve as a resource for people who want to find out more about nature writing about Wisconsin. Here’s the link. He doesn’t have big plans for this site right now, but wants to know about notable works of Wisconsin nature writing. He’s interested in suggestions for links to writers that he can post on his site.

Jeff also has a Facebook page,  which can be found — and “Liked” — at Wisconsin Nature Writing and Art, for his project. If you have a site or a suggestion for a site Jeff might want to include as a link on his website, let him know via his website or his Facebook page.


You can also learn more about the Council for Wisconsin Writers at


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One response to “Seeking Nature Writing Links

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I am happy to have help in spreading word about those who write about nature in Wisconsin.

    I am particularly interested in those who celebrate winter; I have more intensely used sites for that at: and Snow-bound: enjoying Winter and Milwaukee on Facebook.

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