Calling All Fox Valley-Area Poets for School

Cathryn Cofell-Mutschler @ Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets sends the following news:  

The Fox Valley Symphony and area elementary schools are in need of MANY poets to help out with a very dynamic collaborative arts program that happens every year, called Partners in Education.  Each year the Symphony partners with another arts organization or medium to teach children about the beauty and value of the arts on multiple levels.  This year, they’ve chosen poetry as their partner art form! 

*  This is ALL volunteer; while they’d love to get all the schools covered they’ll be happy with as many “real” poets as they can get
*  You can choose the school or schools you’d like to visit and the date of your visit, anytime before March 8.  
*  You can work with the classroom teacher to determine the level of involvement you’d like — from helping with the simple lesson plan, to doing writing exercises, to judging the work. 
For now, just let me know that you are interested and I’ll get you connected.  Thank you in advance for volunteering in this special way!
Cathryn Cofell



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