Revised WLA Award News

The following is from WFOP’s Cathryn Cofell-Mutschler and corrects earlier information she provided about this award program:

My email earlier today opened up a floodgate of questions, and also a follow up that the WLA’s deadline is actually a month earlier than I’d initially thought.  So, a REVISED announcement below, with answers to the majority of questions I received AND a modified date to send directly.  NOTE:  I am the mere messenger; if you have additional questions, please go to the website below and/or contact someone with the WLA cuz I’m pretty sure I don’t / won’t have the answer!

 The WLA committee is looking for copies of poetry collections (published & copyrighted in 2012, at least 32p. long*, and in a couple libraries–or on the way to being added to a couple libraries’ collections), by March 1.

While they are reviewing books in the library system, if you want to be sure your book is considered, send a copy to:

Literary Awards Committee

Wisconsin Library Association

4610 S. Biltmore Lane, Ste. 100

Madison, WI 53718-2153

This year the committee is having a difficult time getting publications they were notified had been released in 2012.  They need to have copies of books by March 1 to complete the review process.

You are also strongly encouraged to have your book(s) available at a few libraries around the state. While not mandatory, an award given by the WLA will take into consideration the accessibility of your book in the public inter-library loan system.   That way, patrons anywhere in the state have a much greater chance of accessing the items.  No one is expected to donate a book to every library in the state, but I would personally encourage you to donate one to your local library and one or two elsewhere in the state.

It is certainly possible that you are not interested in the WLA awards or that you have no desire to donate any copies of works to local libraries or the literary committee. If, however, you didn’t know about these obstacles to consideration, then it’s time to get cracking!

For more information, visit: 

* Table of contents, illustrations, etc., typically do not count in the 32p. The committee realizes that poetry collections may have artwork that may be integral to particular poems, but the collection as a whole needs to have a substantial amount of poetry. If you have a work that is slightly shorter than 32 pages of poetry, you can still submit it for consideration. It generally won’t be disqualified based on a few pages, but you do need to be aware that the body of poetic work will figure into consideration.



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