May Library Event for Children’s Writers in SE WI

Here’s a message from Janet Halfmann that might be of special interest to children’s writers and illustrators in Southeast Wisconsin:

For the fifth year the South Milwaukee Library and Schools are joining with 
SCBWI-WI to stage an event at the library for Children's Book Week— this year's 
program will be 6-7:30 pm. Wed. May 15.

The program will showcase 1 author and 1 illustrator besides me. If you have 
published or illustrated a book for ages 4-9 and are interested in doing a 
program, please contact me off list by Sunday, Mar. 24. 

There is no pay involved, but you can bring and sell your books, and the 
librarians and I work hard to publicize the event. The school librarians spend 
the weeks before the event reading and studying the books of the presenters with 
the district's students. 

On event night, we divide the audience into 2 groups, so both get to hear the 
authors and the illustrator—the illustrator does a hands-on demonstration. There 
are also activities, usually a guess-how-many game for a prize, books and other 
prizes for giveaways, and refreshments.

Hope to hear soon from anyone interested in participating. Thanks!



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