Mystery Meeting for Writers Seeking Tips

Mystery writers and would-be mystery writers can join the Wisconsin chapter of Sisters in Crime (brothers also welcome!) at its next meeting. It’s scheduled for Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. at the Madison bookstore, Mystery to Me, 1863 Monroe St . Here’s a notice from Crime Sister Gale Borger:

“Mystery to Me” has been gracious enough to allow us to have our next meeting at the store. It will be November 16th at 1:00 pm.
> We are talking about trouble spots. Are you stuck on a query? Is your query strong enough? Is the opening of your book powerful? Is your synopsis complete enough? Have you started on your back cover? What about your bio? The list goes on and on.
> Seemingly small glitches can stop you dead in your tracks, but who do you turn to? Why, your Sisters, naturally.
> We are going live. Bring in something you are working on. Everyone has something on which they’d like an opinion. Whether it’s one sentence or a couple paragraphs, please bring with you, something you believe might need tweaking.
> We will share, hash it out, and just maybe come up with the perfect words-words you have been looking for, perhaps a new direction to take.

For more information about WISinC and contacts, here’s a link:

Information and contacts for CWW is at


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