WI Children’s Book Authors’ Spring Release List

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Wisconsin chapter, has issued a flyer listing books by Wisconsin authors and illustrators being published this spring. Here’s the list. The actual flyer is at http://wisconsin.scbwi.org/wp-content/blogs.dir/86/files/2014/01/Spring-Release-Flyer.2014.pdf.  The success of Wisconsin writers and artists is just astounding!

2014 SPRING RELEASES by WISCONSIN Authors and Illustrators

BEN and ZIP: TWO SHORT FRIENDS by Joanne Linden, art by Tom Goldsmith (Flashlight Press, April, 2014) ISBN:
BIG RIG by Jamie A. Swenson, art by Ned Young (Disney Hyperion, 2/4/14) ISBN: 978-1-4231-6330-5
CORK AND FUZZ: WAIT A MINUTE! By Dori Chaconas, art by Lisa McCue (Viking/Penguin Young Readers, 2/6/14) ISBN: 978-0-670-01481-1
HULA HOOPIN’ QUEEN by Thelma Godin, illustrated by vanes Brantley Newton  (Lee & Low Publishers, April) ISBN: 978-1-60060-846
THE PENTECOST STORY by Elizabeth Jaeger (Concordia Publishing, Arch Books, January) ISBN-13: 978-0-7586-4604-0
RAINBOW OF BIRDS by Janet Halfmann, illustrated by Jack Foster (Guardian Angel Publishing, April) ISBN: 978-1-6163-3462-8

ASK AGAIN LATER, by Liz Czukas (Harper Teen, 3/11/14) YA Contemporary ISBN: 978-0062272393
KATE WALDEN DIRECTS: NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIE CHICKENS by Julie Mata (Disney Hyperion, 5/20/14) Middle Grade. ISBN: 978-1-4231-9459-0
ODIN’S PROMISE by Sandy Brehl (Crispin Books, 4/15/14) MG Historical Fiction ISBN-13: 978-1-883953-65-2
POET’S WORKSHOP series: Read, Recite, and Write Free Verse Poems; Read, Recite, and Write Limericks; Read, Recite, and Write Narrative Poems; and Read, Recite, and Write Nursery Rhymes. By JoAnn Early Macken (Crabtree Publishing) Available in eBook, paperback, and library binding at http://www.crabtreebooks.com/catalogs/schoolcatalog/
ROAD TO SOMEWHERE, by Kelley Lynn and Jenny S. Morris (Bloomsbury Spark, 2/11/14) YA Contemporary ISBN:
ROYALLY LOST by Angie Stanton (Harper Teen, 5/6/14) YA ISBN-13: 978-0062272584
SUBSTANCE ABUSE: THE ULTIMATE TEEN GUIDE, by Sheri Bestor  (Scarecrow Press) Non-fiction. ISBN: 9780810885585
WHAT THE MOON SAID by Gayle Rosengren (Putnam Young Readers, 2/20/14) MG Historical Fiction ISBN: 978-0-399-16352-4
WHITE SPACE: Book One of the DARK PASSAGES by Ilsa J. Bick (Egmont USA, February) Young Adult ISBN-10: 1606844199, ISBN-13: 978-1606844199

These books will be eligible for the Council for Wisconsin Writers 2014  Tofte/WrightChildren’s Literature Award , which has been won in recent years by SCBWI members Kathleen Ernst, Janet Halfmann and Jacqueline Houtman. Entry deadline for work published in 2013 is Jan. 31, 2014. Please visit the CWW website at www.wiswriters.org for more details.



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