Children’s Writers’ Good News

Kate Heling and Debbie Hembrook prove (as though those in the children’s publishing business don’t already know) that patience is a virtue. “Way back in 2005, we sold a few things to Highlights.  We’d almost forgotten about them but these many years later, our poem YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW and a related craft idea of lemon-scented play clay appear in [last] month’s Highlights. ”

Dori Chaconas reports that Viking Children’s Books has contracted to publish a Cork and Fuzz picture book to celebrate the tenth book and tenth year of the Cork and Fuzz EZ readers. The new book is a Christmas story, Dori says, due out Fall 2015.

Miranda Paul posted the cover of her book, One Plastic Bag, due out next February with artwork done by illustrator Elizabeth Zunon. Here’s the cover.  

And here’s the link to Miranda’s blog post about the cover.

Janet Halfmann’s Animal Teachers, published by Blue Apple Books,will be out on Aug. 19. Here’s what Kirkus Reviews had to say: “Just like human children, animal babies from chicks to bear cubs learn lessons from adults around them. Spread by spread, the conversational text of this instructive title presents skills a dozen different young animals have to learn and connects them to readers . . . Nicely connecting the child to the natural world, this would be a useful opener for a unit about animas as well as a title to share with young animal lovers.”


Ann Angel, author of Janis Joplin: Rise Up Singing, consulted with the U.S. Post Office on its newest Forever stamp, which features, who else? Janis Joplin It came out a few days ago.

Dolores ‘DLo’ Brown, who is also a professional photographer, has opened a studio — a first for her.  To celebrate, “DLo’ is having an open house on Sept. 11. Her Happy Inu Studios is at 1223 South 23rd Street Milwaukee, WI 53204  Happy Inu Studios is on Facebook at and on Instagram at


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