A Sister in Crime’s August News

This is a little late, but there are still 10 days left in August, so not too late for this news from Wisconsin writer Karen Weisner. Here it is in her own words:

[For the month of August], I’m the featured author at Writers Exchange E-Publishing with a brand-new interview on the blog:


During the month of August, a whole slew of my books will be released in electronic formats and all of my current titles (other than shorts) will b e available at a 20% discount from the publisher. The first new release is the reissue of multi-award winning BABY, BABY, Book 1 of the Family Heirlooms Series. Find out more about the release as well as the 20% sale here:


BABY, BABY is also available in paperback:


Visit my website for details about all my other books in print as well.

Here are some of Karen’s other books by Karen:

Only the Lonely, Book 1: Angelfire II Quartet

Writing the Fiction Series: The Guide for Novels and Novellas

Drifter’s Heart, Book 6, A Cowboy Fever Series Novel

Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Falling in Love, Michael’s Angel, and Forever and All That Jazz, Friendship Heirlooms Series, Books 1-3

Keri is Cute Cute Cute (children’s picture book)

Bound Spirits & The Bloodmoon Curse, Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series

The Deep, Book 8, A Woodcutter’s Grim Series Novel

Cowboy Fever, Family Heirlooms, Incognito, Woodcutter’s Grim, Kaleidoscope, Adventures in Amethyst, Angelfire Trilogy, Wounded Warriors, Denim Blues Mysteries, Gypsy Road, Falcon’s Bend series’, all available now


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