Only 2 Hours Notice to Catch this Reading!

Wisconsin author Todd Michael Cox will be reading from his novel, Beast, this afternoon at 2 p.m. at Arcadia Books in Spring Green.

Here’s info about Todd and his writing that’s posted on the Goodreads website:

“Todd Michael Cox was born in the northwoods of Wisconsin, and has been writing for most of his life. Although he’s had short pieces published here and there he considers the novel to be his natural medium. His work ranges from comic adventures (like DIZZLEMUCK) to darker studies of death, mourning, and the loss and recapture of innocence in modern day America, along with everything in between (as in BEAST). He counts a disparate group of writers as influences, including Edward Abbey, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter Thompson, Harper Lee, and Katherine Dunn. The influences of his young and formative years were more along the lines of Bradbury, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and a variety of strange and cheesy movies.

“Nature’s probably my greatest inspiration,” Cox says. “Everything I need is found in nature, it compels me to create and care. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in wild places or the eyes of wild creatures, it probably doesn’t exist.”

Todd is also an avid herper and wildlife lover, as well as a musician. His spoken-word project, “Ripe For Shaking,” has been included on a CD compilation from the Journal of Experimental Fiction called “ATTOHO” (After They Tore Our Heads Off).

His popular “Wisconsin Unhuggables” blog, originally hosted by Wisconsin Trails magazine but now found on WordPress, is a collection of his thoughts and perceptions regarding the lesser-loved critters of the world. Todd was a featured guest on the Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio in Spring of 2013 to talk about these critters and his interest in them.

He is the founder of the Snake Anti-Defamation League.

He can be contacted via:

Despite this short notice, I hope those who can will slip over to Arcadia Books in a couple of hours to hear — and meet — Todd.


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