WI Poet Laureate February Schedule

I’ve heard the new Wisconsin poet laureate speak and read her poetry. What a great ambassador for our state.
Here from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts & Letters are some places she can be heard this month:
Celebrate Wisconsin poets and poetry with Kimberly Blaeser, the new Wisconsin Poet Laureate. The official state ambassador for poetry and creativity, Kim travels to schools, libraries, festivals, and community centers across Wisconsin. Check out her February appearances:

 February 13, 4:00 pm: TEDx Milwaukee Talk @ UWM
February 22, 2:00 pm: Reading w/Max Garland @ Woodland Pattern
February 28, 6:00 pm: BONK! event @ Wustum Museum, Racine

Learn more about Kim on at the new Wisconsin Poet Laureate website or visit the Poet Laureate Facebook page at facebook.com/WisPoLo.

Learn more about the Council for Wisconsin Writers at http://www.wiswriters.org.


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