Lakefly Writers Awards Presented

The Lakefly Writers Awards were announced in Oshkosh today at the Lakefly Writers Conference. First, second and third places were presented in Five Pages and Synopsis of an unpublished novel, Flash Fiction, Short Story, and Jean Nelson Essay. The winners are:

Five Pages and Synopsis

1st Place:  Peg Cadigan who lives in the greater Milwaukee area, for her work Tree Heart.

2nd Place: Ryan Hamann of Oshkosh for his A Woman Without Purpose.

3rd Place: Billy Jean Diersen of Oshkosh for her Forty-Love.

Flash Fiction

1st Place:  Dan Anderson of Fond du Lac for his story “Kids on an Overpass”.

2nd Place:  Jim Landwehr of Waukesha for his “The Year of Intended Pursuit”.

3rd Place:  Nancy Sweetland of Green Bay for her “Hostage”.

Short Story:

1st Place:  Jerrianne Hayslett of South Milwaukee for her story “The Funeral”.

2nd Place:  Alice Benson of La Crosse for her “Deep Breathing”.

3rd Place:  L.R. Babcock of Oshkosh for her “When Temptation Strikes”.

Jean Nelson Essay

1st Place:  Cathy Fox of Oshkosh for her essay “Elphaba, Green for Good”.

2nd Place:  Kathy Waldvogel of Northwestern Wisconsin for her “Let Me Introduce…Nemesis”.

3rd Place:  Michelle Adserias, who lives near Ogdensburg, for her “Antonia”.

Congratulations to each one of these winners!

More writers will be recognized for their work next Saturday, May 16, at the Council for Wisconsin Writers Awards Banquet at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee. For information and to make reservations, go to



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