CWW Contest Awards Presented

Council for Wisconsin Writers contest winners of first-place awards and honorable mentions were feted Saturday, May 16, at the CWW Annual Awards Banquet at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee.

From left, front row:  Zona Gale Short Fiction Winner Margaret Benbow of Madison,  Edna Meudt Poetry Book Honorable Mention Angela Sorby of Milwaukee, Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature Honorable Mention Janet Halfmann of South Milwaukee, Christopher Latham Scholes Award Recipient Daniel Goldin of Milwaukee, CWW Essay Award for Young Writers Honorable Mention Erica Howe of Viroqua, Edna Ferber Fiction Book Winner Chloe Krug Benjamin of Madison.
Back row:  Norbert Blei/August Derleth Nonfiction Book Award Winner John Hildebrand of Eau Claire, Kay W. Levin Award for Short Nonfictin Winner Catherine Jagoe  of Madison, Lorine Niedecker Poetry Award Winner Cathryn Cofell of Appleton, Lorine Niedecker Poetry Award Honorable Mention DeWitt Clinton of Shorewood, Norbert Blei/August Derleth Nonfiction Book Award Honorable Mention Tom Pamperin of Chippewa Falls, Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature Award Winner Bridget Birdsall of Madison, Edna Meudt Poetry Book Award Winner Sean Bishop of Madison, Zona Gale Short Fiction Award Honorable Mention Liam Callanan of Milwaukee, CWW Esay Award for Young Writers Winner Kade Byrand of Sheboygan.

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