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Wisconsin author Karen Wiesner, with 109 books to her credit, announced the following about her series of books loosely based on age-old fables and fairy tales:

The first seven stories and The Final Chapter in my Woodcutter’s Grim Series have been newly revised and reissued individually in print and download formats, along with in two series collections. Look for many more offering in this series in the future. Details below:

Woodcutter’s Grim Series by Karen Wiesner

For the ten generations since the evil first came to Woodcutter’s Grim, the Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the childhood horrors that lurk in the black woods. Without them, the town wo uld be defenseless.and the terrors would escape to the world at large.

Find out more about this series:

Papa {Book 1}

Romantic Horror Novella

A wickedly horrifying rendering of the classic children’s story “Hansel and Gretel”, in which modern revenge i s served up sweet… Less than a year after Randall Parker left his family for elementary school teacher, Amy, the unthinkable happens-his ex-wife and two children are killed in a car accident.  Ever since the accident, Amy has had terrible nightmares in which Rand’s son and daughter return to exact revenge on their father and Amy herself (the wicked step-mother) for abandoning them. When Rand convinces her to come away with him for a healing respite to an isolated cabin in the woods, Amy’s guilt-filled nightmares turn into pure horror.

Blood of Amethyst {Book 2}

Romantic Horror Novella

A blood-curdling answer as to why the childhood-nightmare creature Rumpelstiltskin so wanted a child of his own… Amethyst Phillip’s father-her only family-disappears in Woodcutter Grim’s evil woods.  Town Sheriff and Guardian Gabe Reece sends out a search party and eventually they find the body, completely drained of blood.  A devastated Amethyst refuses to do anything but carry on all by herself in the isolated area she grew up. But something strange is happening, and Gabe realizes it every time he drops by to check on the woman who’s held his heart for long years.  She’s grown pale, cold.  She’s sleeping all the time, waking only in the night, when her taste for blood overwhelms her.  Then Gabe becomes aware that something in the woods is calling to her, something that’s stealing her life… Gabe will face his deadliest foe yet when the woman he loves falls prey to a nameless creature who wants her very soul.

Dancing to the Grave {Book 3}

Romantic Horror Novella

Loosely based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin. The children of Woodcutter’s Grim are changing…and only one person, music teacher Diane Anders, realizes the truth. Can she and her husband, Kurt Jones, a member of the ancient lineage of the Protectorate’s Chosen Seven, save them and the future of their town?

The Amethyst Tower {The Final Chapter}

Romantic Horror Time-Travel Novella

Loosely based on Rapunzel. The isolated maiden meets her knight in a time-traveler who’s come into the future to rescue her from the Warlock Lord holding her captive in the amethyst tower. Where else but in the fairy-tale-horror town of Woodcutter’s Grim?


Romantic Horror Novella Collection

Woodcutter’s Grim Series, Volume I (Classic Tales of Horror Retold) is a compilation of the first three novellas in the series and The Final Chapter including Papa (Book 1), Blood of Amethyst (Book 2), “Dancing to the Grave” (Book 3), and The Amethyst Tower (The Final Chapter).

Moonlight Becomes You {Book 4}

Romantic Paranormal Novella

The first in a four-book miniseries within the Woodcutter’s Grim Series, dealing with the curse on the Shaussegeny family. Very loosely based on The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. When her child becomes deathly ill and none of the doctors and specialists can help him, Heather Rowe rushes to Woodcutter’s Grim, hoping the boy’s father can explain what’s happening. But Lance Shaussegeny both intrigues and terrifies Heather as much as what he’s told her of his hometown does. She soon learns that nothing in Woodcutter’s Grim-including Lance-is what it seems.

Bewitched {Book 5}

Romantic Paranormal Novella

The second in a four-book miniseries within the Woodcutter’s Grim Series, dealing with the curse on the Shaussegeny family. Very loosely based on The Little Mermaid. Glynnis Shaussegeny becomes bewitched by the mystery man who appears out of nowhere on the abandoned property across the lake from her family’s estate. But does Aric Sayer have even more dark secrets than she does?

One Night of Eternity {Book 6}

Romantic Paranormal Novella

The third in a four-book miniseries within the Woodcutter’s Grim Series, dealing with the curse on the Shaussegeny family. Loosely based on The House That Jack Built. The curse pronounced on the Shaussegeny clan for all time was very clear: “Because the Shaussegeny name has long been synonymous with faithlessness, even unto your own chosen mates, only one chosen mate will be allotted to each of your kin henceforth. These chosen mates must also fall under the family curse, but these pairs will know true peace when they become one. Herein lays your salvation-and your damnation. Only if each of your clan remains faithful to their chosen mates in word and deed for all of their days will they have blissful contentment. Apa rt, mates shall be restless and forever unsettled, gripped by a sadness and despair unlike any other. A terrible fate will come upon the one who breaks the mate covenant.” Gavin Shaussegeny has broken the covenant with his wife, Marnie, by cheating on her, and the betrayal carries a harsh penalty and punishment. Although Gavin regrets his faithlessness and loves his wife more than anyone or anything else, the house that he’s built for himself is rapidly beginning to tumble down around him. There is only one chance for salvation for him now: Only his mate’s undeserved forgiveness will free him from his punishment to re-live his betrayal over and over for all time.

Beauty is the Beast {Book 7}

Romantic Paranormal Novella

The final in a four-book miniseries within the Woodcutter’s Grim Series, dealing with the curse on the Shaussegeny family. Very loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. The Shaussegeny family curse came with one final pronouncement: “And now there is but one manner in which this curse can be broken and obliterated entirely: That beauty falls in love with the beast and vice versa, that evil loves good and good loves evil. If this should happen, your family shall be released from each aspect of my curse and your alliance with evil shall be ended.” When Ransom Shaussegeny attempts to cure the family of the curse they live under, he becomes a werewolf trapped in his beast form and isolates himself inside the family fortress. When he meets Tess Moore, a beautiful enchantress, and falls under her spell, Ransom no longer knows who or what is real-or whether the evil in Woodcutter’s Grim is about to have the last laugh by dooming him, the woman he loves, and his family for all time…

WOODCUTTER’S GRIM SERIES, Volume II (Classic Tales of Horror Retold) Romantic Paranormal Novella Collection

WOODCUTTER’S GRIM SERIES, Volume II contains a four-book miniseries within the Woodcutter’s Grim Series dealing with the curse on the Shaussegeny family. Includes Moonlight Becomes You (Book 4), Bewitched (Book 5), One Night of Eternity (Book 6), and Beauty is the Beast (Book 7).

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