“Katrina” Experience Inspires Animal Rescue Novel

Janet Church of Oshkosh reports that her novel Trojan Horses, a behind the scenes look at humane rescue work, based on her own adventure after Hurricane Katrina, has been released by Page Publishing.  The book is available in traditional and ebook formats.

Janet is donating approximately 30 percent of book-sale proceeds to the animal shelter or a group of the buyer’s choice for a hard-copy purchase.

Janet is available as a speaker for an animal-based event or youth group.

Part of the motivation for writing this book, Janet says, was her “desire for the public to be aware of what the government will NOT do to help you or your critters in the event of natural disasters.  You are on your own and if thieves victimize you or loved ones the way they did after this hurricane, there are some ways for you to not only use aids like microchipping, but help to build ground support to enact laws that will be more than a wrist slap.”

Trojan Horses, which Janet wrote under the pen name of J.S. McCormick, is available on Amazon.com.

Please visit the Council for Wisconsin Writers website at http://www.wiswriters.org.


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One response to ““Katrina” Experience Inspires Animal Rescue Novel

  1. I was delighted and surprised to see this article about “Trojan Horses”. I like to think this book is not about me but more about the animals and the storm survivors and what they went through – only to have some lower than gutter slime humans come in pretending to be rescuers and perpetrate yet another tragedy on these people. Not to be repetitious but I guess the other point is that one person can still make a difference which in today’s world, even if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing, and you don’t have to be young and healthy, just have your heart in the right place. My undying gratitude (outside of the obvious) goes to my peer group at the Oshkosh Area Writer’s Group for their support and input as my entry into the writing world came rather late in life. Plug – They host the Lakefly Literary Conference in May annually. Thank you to CWC for the attagirl.

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