“Meet Me Halfway” Gets Full-Throttle Praise

Wisconsin writer and CWW Board Member Jennifer Morales‘ book Meet Me Halfway: Milwaukee Stories, which has already received critical acclaim, has yet another accolade to its credit, in an over-the-moon review in the Chicago Book Review.

“Morales’s collection is truly masterful, diving deep into her characters and layering them one on top of another to weave the vibrant tapestry of the Rust Belt neighborhood,” reviewer Sarah Weber writes about Morales’ collection of nine interrelated short stories.

“Meet Me Halfway has already been chosen as the Common Reading Experience for the incoming class at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and this is a title that truly deserves that recognition,” Weber writes in her review, titled “Much More Than Half“. Weber praises Morales for telling “a Wisconsin story—a Midwest story—using one of the country’s most segregated cities as a backdrop. But the fact is that her message is evergreen and universally relevant, and her approach is gentle and insistent, preaching a vision of the future that makes room for every voice and every creed.”

You can’t hope for much more than that.

The Council for Wisconsin Writers at www.wiswriters.org  is a non-profit, tax-exempt, membership organization dedicated to promoting local, state, and national awareness of Wisconsin’s great literary heritage and to encourage excellence among today’s Wisconsin writers.

Information about Morales, the CWW Board and how to become a CWW member is at www.wiswriters.org.

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