A Sneak Peek at WHSP Staffers Doing the Polka

“Why the Midwest Loves to Polka” — could it be because of German ancestry?

Wisconsin Historical Society Press staff celebrate Oktoberfest in new “Polka Heartland” trailer
Video Shows Why the Midwest - and Wisconsin Historical Society Press - Loves to Polka
Folk music historian Rick March, coauthor of Polka Heartland, plays polka tunes for staff “dancers” at the Wisconsin Historical Society headquarters in Madison.
The Wisconsin Historical Society Press celebrates Oktoberfest to a polka beat in our newest book trailer video, shot on the steps of the Society’s headquarters building in Madison, Wis. Richard March, coauthor of our new book Polka Heartland: Why the Midwest Loves to Polka, accompanied our staff “dancers” on his accordion. Watch the video to catch a polka beat, then discover more about the music’s history (and learn more about people who really know how to polka!) in this joyful exploration of the beloved, unique, and richly storied genre of POLKA!
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The Wisconsin Historical Society Press, publishing the best of
Wisconsin history and culture since 1855 as a division of the Wisconsin Historical Society

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