CWW President Joins UW Study on Psychedelic Medicine

Geoff Gilpin, who serves as president of the Council for Wisconsin Writers, took some psychedelic journeys recently, but it was for science.


Gilpin, author of the memoir The Maharishi Effect: A Personal Journey Through the Spiritual Movement That Transformed AmericaThe Marharishi Effect Book Cover  is quoted in a recent Wisconsin State Journal article about his experience in a pharmacokinetics study being conducted by  UW-Madison’s School of Pharmacy.

Specifically, the study is to assist scientists assess the potential of psilocybin, which is the hallucinogenic ingredient found in “magic mushrooms,” to “ease the minds of patients with cancer and other conditions,” according to the WSJ article.

Gilpin, who is conducting research for a book on psychedelics he’s working on, says that the study sessions he’s participated in have resulted in interesting journeys. His blog is here.

More information about Gilpin and the Council for Wisconsin Writers is at


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