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Although the national organization of Sisters In Crime has been around for a long time, the Wisconsin chapter became inactive for several years — until a few years ago. Then a few stalwarts revived it, nourished it and persisted. They now have their own website, which includes informative and helpful links, meeting sites around the state and a list of members’ websites.
Now, one of their members is heralding an affiliated group, Retiree Rebels. Here’s her most recent shout out:
  Sisters in Crime… Please excuse another promotion for  RetireeRebels. com  on our group site, but since so many of us retired to take up writing full time, and I personally know how difficult it is to retire to “the world’s loneliest professions,” I wanted to reach out to those who don’t need to struggle through some of the normal -but not talked about- difficulties of retirement.  
Here’s the link to this week’s new podcast, a Kitchen Table Talk about the rocky first year of retirement, along with tips on how to smooth out your retirement transition.
When you subscribe to website (it’s free), you will be sent an email whenever there is a new post, along with the link that goes directly to that podcast. A one-click short-cut for subscribers.
Also, because of the many comments we received in the first two weeks recognizing the drastic change in modern retirement, we decided to offer subscribers a special e-book to help them identify and deal with the 10 most common issues faced by the newly retired.  (Technically, this is my first published “book” Yippee!)
“Ten Things THANK GOODNESS Someone Told Me” is a testament to the retired friends who saved me from going bonkers during my first tumultuous years of retirement, warning me about unexpected psychological pitfalls, and guiding me to a new and fulfilling life.
Thank you for checking us out and sharing the news.
But more than anything, we hope we are of help to those who need it.
Go Rebels!    Carol L
Carol Elizabeth Sbnika
& find us on Facebook
Thank you for checking us out and sharing the news.
But more than anything, we hope we are of help to those who need it.
While checking out Wisconsin’s Sisters in Crime and Retiree Rebels, take a hop over to the CWW site at, and check out the contest page for info on our eight contests, which opened for submissions on Nov. 1.

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