Wisconsin author’s PB Inspiration Named ‘Climate Hero’

A Gambian woman who inspired Wisconsin author Miranda Paul’s picture book, ONE PLASTIC BAG, is being hailed as a “climate hero,” according to an SCBWI-Wisconsin Facebook posting. 

Here’s a link to the documentary, ISATOU CEESAY, QUEEN OF PLASTIC RECYCLING IN THE GAMBIA: http://climateheroes.org/portfolio-item/isatou-ceesay-queen-plastic-recycling-gambia/ isatou-ceesay

Miranda’s debut picture book ONE PLASTIC BAG    and her subsequent WATER IS WATER: A BOOK ABOUT THE WATER CYCLE Product Detailswere published this year. Her WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE? A COMMUNITY HELPER GUESSING BOOK  Product Details is due out in January and her TRAINBOTS is scheduled for release in June.

When Miranda who is an SCBWI-Wisconsin regional advisor, learned that Ceesay had been named a climate hero, she wrote,  “Wow. Thanks! Isatou is such an inspiration, and it was an honor for her to work with me while I was writing the book.”
The Council for Wisconsin Writers is a unique community of writers, poets, and educators dedicated to the recognition of outstanding work by Wisconsin writers, and to promoting public awareness of our state’s great literary heritage. Please visit us as www.wiswriters.org.

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