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This looks interesting — Lumberjacking about Wisconsin by a Wisconsin writer published by a Wisconsin press:

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TIMBER! New Biography Details Lumberjack Days
John Nelligan_ Wisconsin LumberjackFrom “shanties” and “shingles” to “tote roads “and “tinder,” young readers can learn the details of lumberjack labor and lingo in a new Wisconsin Historical Society Press biography, John Nelligan: Wisconsin Lumberjack, by John Zimm.
This newest addition of the Society Press’s Badger Biographies Series, takes readers on a journey through Wisconsin’s lumbering heyday as lived by John Nelligan. Zimm draws from Nelligan’s autobiography and letters, housed in the Wisconsin Historical Society archives, to document the adventurous, tough, and dangerous life Wisconsin lumberjacks lived in the 1800s.
Thousands of men like Nelligan faced the perils of the North Woods, from harsh winter conditions and large saws, to falling trees and ragging rapids, to carve out a living and supply a booming demand for boards, beams and shingles to build new homes in the growing United States — a demand the eventually depleted the supply of North Woods timber in Nelligan’s lifetime.
Born in 1852, Nelligan rose through the lumberjack ranks, starting out as a humble laborer and working his way up to foreman. He worked and lived in Maine, Pennsylvania, and even Canada before coming to Wisconsin in 1871. Near the end of his long life, Nelligan wrote down his rugged life story with the help of a professional writer. In 1929, the Wisconsin Magazine of History first published that autobiography, “Life of a Lumberman.”
“John Nelligan: Wisconsin Lumberjack” is also available as an e-book.
About the author
John Zimm is a historian and author based in southern Wisconsin. Zimm is the editor of Blue Men and River Monsters: Folklore of the North, The Wisconsin Historical Society history book, and ofThis Wicked Rebellion: Wisconsin Civil War Soldiers Write Home. He has also written many articles for the “Wisconsin Magazine of History.” He works as an editor at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press and lives in Waunakee, Wisconsin.
Media: For review copies of this book, please contact Kristin Gilpatrick, Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 816 State St., Madison, WI 53706; 608-264-6465; email:kristin.gilpatrick@wisconsinhistory.org.
The Wisconsin Historical Society Press has been publishing the best of
Wisconsin history and culture, as part of the Wisconsin Historical Society, since 1855
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Deadline — Feb. 1, 2016

Council for Wisconsin Writers contests entries. See http://www.wiswriters.org/rules.htm for details.



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